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Best Practice

This area of the Merlin website provides examples of best practice in supply chain management applied by prime contractors. Ordinarily these are examples identified by Merlin Assessors in the course of their assessment work, but if your organisation would like to share examples of its own best practice please get in touch. New examples of best practice will be added here from time-to-time as they are identified, so please register to receive a copy of the Merlin newsletter to be kept up to date.

The benefits already identified during Merlin assessments include:

  • More robust, fair and transparent engagement between the Prime Contractors and potential Supply Chain Partners.
  • Working towards the Standard has encouraged the development of appropriate behaviours between the Prime Contractor and their Supply Chain Partners.
  • Prime Contractors have become more aware of their Supply Chain Partners development needs and how they can vary significantly so the “sheep dip effect” to training and developing Supply Chain Partner staff is reducing.
  • The Standard has highlighted the need for more emphasis on environmental sustainability by everyone in the supply chain which will help to support the meeting of Government targets on sustainability.
  • Engagement within local communities and having the ability to evaluate the impact this engagement has is increasing across Supply Chain Partner organisations.
  • When a Supply Chain Partners are having difficulties in meeting targets and improving quality requirements Prime Contractors are taking a more proactive and supporting role in helping performance improvement.
  • Networking within the networks and across contracts is increasing significantly.
  • Prime Contractor who are both Lead Organisations in their own right and Supply Chain Partner 's to other Prime Contractor have highlighted during assessments how this has helped them to realise the difficulties faced by some Supply Chain Partner's and they have adjusted their behaviours accordingly.
  • Organisations have identified the Standard as an excellent business improvement tool.
  • The approach of the assessment teams has been highlighted as supportive but rigorous.

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